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Jeremy Storch was born in New York City, and raised in the Jewish heritage. Following high school, Jeremy co-founded the very successful rock group called "The Vagrants."  Jeremy was the songwriter, organist and vocalist for the group.

Once "The Vagrants" disbanded, in 1968, RCA Records picked up Jeremy to record and release two solo albums, "From a Naked Window" and "Forty Miles Past Woodstock."

This popularity and success led him further into the rock culture of the sixties - including all the trappings of a typical rock star: experimentation with and heavy use of various drugs and plunging into wild parties and illicit affairs. In short, he became a prodigal son.

 In 1970, Jeremy's excessive lifestyle caught up with him and he died of a drug overdose on the way to the hospital. In this death experience, God spoke to Jeremy saying, "I am giving you back your life to do some work for Me!" As soon as that was spoken, Jeremy awoke in a hospital bed.

Several years passed before Jeremy obeyed the voice he heard that evening. He continued in the secular music field with Dave Mason, who recorded Jeremy's song, "Spend Your Life With Me," and Eddie Money, who also recorded one of Jeremy's songs, "Call On Me."

In 1978, Jeremy found himself in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, with a role in the Passion Play that was presented annually by the city. He played one of the two thieves on the cross. After hanging on the cross in front of 4,000 people for two nights, the Holy Spirit started working in Jeremy's heart. After the evening performance, Jeremy retreated to a cabin in the woods and he broke down and cried, realizing his sinfulness. In the middle of that night he awoke and heard the same voice he had witnessed seven years earlier, this time saying: "My son, your sins are forgiven, but go and sin no more, for I have a brand new life for you." At that moment, Jeremy totally dedicated his life to the Lord Yeshua (Jesus).

Jeremy has now been in ministry for over 25 years and uses his musical ability for the Lord.  He has recorded, arranged and produced several albums: "Let Every Knee", "Hebrew Lord", "I Believe in Yeshua", "Praise Your Name", "Behold the Bridegroom", "In Heavenly Places," "He Reigns," "On Mount Zion," "In the Presence of the Lord,"  and his newst album, “All Rise.”

Jeremy is the Rabbi, Cantor and worship leader of The Tabernacle, a rapidly growing Messianic Jewish congregation meeting Friday evenings and Saturday mornings in Branson, Missouri. He also ministers in other congregations by giving musical concerts, leading praise and worship, teaching on the Biblical Jewish roots of Christianity, and sharing his dynamic testimony.  He performed at the regional Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) convention in Florida, and has made several national television appearances, including "The New Jim Bakker Show," "Keeping in Truth,"  "Praise the Lord," "Jewish Jewels," and "Jewish Voice" broadcasts. The international ministry "Jews for Jesus" has published for worldwide distribution a Messianic Hymnal with many of Jeremy's songs in it. These songs and many others that he has written are now being used for praise and worship in congregations all around the world, especially in the U.S., Israel, Europe and Latin America.

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