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January 2011.  Jeremy Storch Music now on Pandora Internet Radio

January 2011.  Jeremy Storch Music now available for MP3 download on Amazon.com

April 9, 2010 Branson, MO.  Jeremy Storch's latest album, ALL RISE, is set to be released in May 2010.  This album contains 14 Messianic Jewish songs written, produced and arranged by Jeremy Storch.  The songs featured on this album were prayerfully selected out of the hundreds Jeremy has written over the years.

Jeremy Storch, the Rabbi at The Tabernacle, a Messianic Jewish Congregation in Branson that he heads, involved several members of his congregation, as well as others in the musical community of Branson in the production of this album.

The people involved are:
Lead Vocals - Jeremy Storch
Background Vocals - Tiffany Patton and Tara Dalton, 'The LeCroy Sisters" and Rose Martin
Piano & Keyboard Orchestration - Jeremy Storch
Drums - Sean Martin
Bass Guitar - Nate Hopson
Guitar - Chuck Johnson
Violin - Judith Cropper
Clarinet - Claude Coffman
Shofar - Charles T. Martin

The album was recoded at Roller Music Pro in Branson, MO
Recording Engineer - Greg Roller
Artwork and Cover Design - Roni Phillips

See photos of album production!

The song styles are a modern messianic flavor, and also include arrangements that cross over to southern gospel (Jump Into The River, Through The Blood), to prophetic (Kadosh Adonai Tzvaot), to classical (Who Can Save).  Up-tempo songs include Roni Roni Roni Roni, Mashiach Machiach and Hallelu Et Shem Adonai.  Deep worshipful songs include Yeshua Cohen Ha Gadol, We Ascribe, Leezboach L'Adonai and You Alone.

This album contains anointed Spirit-filled Messianic music in a variety of styles that will appeal to many people.




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