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Jeremy was born to be a musician.  Since he was a teenager, he sang and wrote music.  The gift he was born with was first used in the secular world as a songwriter, organist and vocalist in the band The Vagrants.  Once "The Vagrants" disbanded, in 1968, RCA Records picked up Jeremy to record and release two solo albums, "From a Naked Window" and "Forty Miles Past Woodstock."  He continued in the secular music field with Dave Mason, who recorded Jeremy's song, "Spend Your Life With Me," and Eddie Money, who also recorded one of Jeremy's songs, "Call On Me."

The songs that Jeremy wrote for The Vagrants are making a comeback in some venues and because of this popularity, we have collected some artifacts from Jeremy's secular career on this page.  For many of us, it is a reminder of our youth, but it is also a testimony of where Jeremy came from and the wonderful transformation the Lord has made in his life. 

We hope you enjoy these mementos.  If you are like Jeremy was, lost and confused, then we encourage you to read Jeremy's testimony.  What God did for him, He can do for you!



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Jeremy Storch, prolific songwriter and former member of The Vagrants, experienced a life changing event in 1978.  After several nearly fatal drug overdoses and near death experiences, Jeremy had an encounter with God that gave him his life back and changed it forever. 

To read Jeremy Storch's amazing life transformation, click here.


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