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Jeremy Storch - I Feel A New Shadow. Released in 1970 on RCA. Subsequently sampled on "Endtroducing..." by DJ Shadow in 1996.



Jeremy's latest album release May 2010 - All Rise!

Through The Blood - Testimony of Jeremy Storch's life

1. All Rise  Listen  8. We Ascribe  Listen
2. Roni Roni Roni Roni  Listen  9. Mashiach Mashiach  Listen
3. Kadosh Adonai Tzvaot  Listen 10. Through The Blood  Listen
4. Adonai Adoneynu  Listen 11. Hallelu Et Shem Adonai  Listen
5. Jump Into The River  Listen   12. Leezboach L'Adonai  Listen
6. Who Can Save  Listen   13. We Delight In Your Shabbat  Listen
7. Yeshua Cohen Ha Gadol  Listen   14. You Alone  Listen

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Jeremy Storch, prolific songwriter and former member of The Vagrants, experienced a life changing event in 1978.  After several nearly fatal drug overdoses and near death experiences, Jeremy had an encounter with God that gave him his life back and changed it forever. 

To read Jeremy Storch's amazing life transformation, click here.

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